A separate room with Wi-Fi for meeting clients

Making presentations is a key part of modern business life, whether to staff, to potential new clients or to existing ones. There are times when businesses want to make these in a separate room to their main office. For this, you need somewhere which not only reflects your comfortable office but which also has all the modern conveniences to make that important big impression.

Any business which rents an office at Worth Corner Business Centre, Crawley, also has the facility to book a separate meeting room with exactly those requirements. The meeting room, which can seat up to eight people, comes fully equipped with a boardroom-style table, Wi-Fi and TV screen for those crucial presentations, giving you access to all the files you can reach remotely for your meeting. Companies not based at Worth Corner can also book this facility.

In addition, there are tea and coffee making facilities in this room, completing the sense of privacy you require for confidential meetings, in a neutral venue from your main office.

So call us today on 01293 883061, email info@worthcorner.co.uk or leave a message via our contact form.

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About Worth Corner

Worth Corner Business Centre is located in the thriving centre of commerce and business at Crawley 25 miles to the south of London, close to London's Gatwick Airport.

We offer serviced Office space in a period setting on a fully inclusive basis, including efficient on-site management.

Worth Corner has been established for over 25 years, and is a well-known local landmark providing quality accommodation for modern business.