Being a tenant at Worth Corner…

With all the offices in Worth Corner now fully occupied, we wanted to find out from the residents themselves exactly what it’s like to be a tenant here!

What initially attracted you to occupy an office in Worth Corner?

“Great location and all-inclusive lease, being a new business it's good to know exactly what you have to budget for each month.” – Julie Minn, Netkandi Web Solutions.

“I was working from home, I needed more staff, and it was getting a little too cosy. I went past Worth Corner every day I went to the gym, so it was essentially right under my nose. (I have been to the gym a lot less since I moved her but that’s another story.) Sort of made sense and there was space available.” – Doug Bennet, DB Financial.

What are the benefits of working in Worth Corner?

“My team and I are out of my wife’s hair, she is a lot happier, that is worth the rent on its own, we have more room, and have taken on another team member. We feel a lot more grown up as well.” – Doug Bennet, DB Financial. “There are many benefits of working at Worth Corner, one being the meeting room, an excellent place to hold meetings with clients, not having to have them in office really gives a professional feel. Another benefit is that the train station is very close by with great connections to the city.” – Jess Thomas, Netkandi Web Solutions.

Would you recommend occupying an office at Worth Corner to a new business? If yes, why?

“I would definitely recommend it, the only thing you have to worry about is the phone line, it’s convenient to the M23, it has a meeting room which we plan to use more often, there is parking, the offices are clean and tidy, and it makes you feel part of something bigger.” – Doug Bennet, DB Financial.

“Yes, I would recommend occupying an office to a new business as it is a great office and there are no surprise costs, everything is included in the monthly rent, which is great! Everyone in the building is friendly and always wanting to have a chat, the building has so much character, which is a real joy to come into every morning!” – Chris Minn, Netkandi Web Solutions.

“Yes, ideal for small to medium sized businesses, from a one man band to a group of 5-12. The location is perfect for M23/M25 and Gatwick Airport with mainline rail links to London & Brighton, which we regularly use. It’s close to the town but unlike some office buildings in a town environment, this one does have its own parking. With all-inclusive costs, use of a meeting room for more private conversations or discussions with clients, kitchen facilities on each floor and a reception area it has all the small business owner needs.” – Julie Minn, Netkandi Web Solutions.

Do you enjoy working in Worth Corner?

“My team and I absolutely do enjoy working here, we will look to meet a few more of the tenants over the coming months to see if any of the services on offer are ones that we use, and are more ably met by a supplier literally just round the corner.” – Doug Bennet, DB Financial.

“The building has a lot of Character and the team that manage the site are cheerful and very friendly, it certainly works for us.” – Julie Minn, Netkandi Web Solutions.

“I genuinely enjoy working in Worth Corner, it provides a quiet location that is easily accessible. The facilities are good and the range of office sizes available means our company has been able to grow and move around within the building instead of having to move premises!” – Alana Coyne, Netkandi Web Solutions.

Thank you to all who took time out of their day to answer our questions!

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About Worth Corner

Worth Corner Business Centre is located in the thriving centre of commerce and business at Crawley 25 miles to the south of London, close to London's Gatwick Airport.

We offer serviced Office space in a period setting on a fully inclusive basis, including efficient on-site management.

Worth Corner has been established for over 25 years, and is a well-known local landmark providing quality accommodation for modern business.


Happy Client Says

“Netkandi Ltd first arrived at Worth Corner in 2013 taking a small 2 person office on the first floor, very quickly we out-grew F7 and moved up a floor t S6, although a quieter and better sized office with good facilities along the corridor, however we once again found that before another year was up we had a need to expand our team and more space was needed to allow our thriving company to develop. The ideal location suits us well and we felt no need to move so we thought we would try a floor we hadn’t yet inhabited and moved to the spacious light and airy G10 – ground floor, where we have quickly settled in and spread-out. The team at worth Corner have helped to make this a seamless transition with their friendly and flexible attitude.”
Julie Minn, Netkandi Ltd